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About Acciva E-Commerce Ventures

Acciva E-Commerce Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Came into being in June 2015. Head quartered in Chennai. Acciva aims to become a significant player in the fast growing and vast Indian E Commerce market space tapping into the opportunity “Digital India” & “Skill India” initiatives launched by Government of India.

Acciva brings refreshingly unique business model in B2C & B2B segment mainly focused on service sector with an aim to connect multitude of Organized & Unorganized sector into the digital platform to streamline their operations and also create online business opportunities for the Individual Entrepreneurs and aspirants.

As a part of planned business roll-out, Acciva initially launches beckandcall - an unique web portal providing comprehensive access to platform of skilled service providers based on households and businesses.

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Acciva has a committed team of professionals experienced in various tools and platforms, thereby getting updated with the latest technology trends. Our skilled people share a common vision of growth. We do what we believe in, and we believe in what we do.
Acciva maintains and improves the effectiveness of its products and services on a continuous basis by aligning with the most competent base of suppliers, reviews and feedback.

“To indoctrinate a portal which will create opportunities to maximize profit of the organized and unorganized workforce in the entire world.”
Lead your online business to success with us. You can immensely get benefited from our know-how. We would want to develop effective innovations with you as a partner, keeping a close watch on sustainability.

“Our mission is to connect the increasing number of skilled service providers to the end customers through a credible database for the facilitation and fructification of becoming the largest search platform and mobile application service provider.”
Our aim is to provide business, growth and networking platform for skilled service providers, who can converge and move forward towards a common goal-Profit with Responsibility.