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Why Acciva ?

The e-commerce space today has a sizable number of players offering different things to netizens. But sometimes in the clutter the need to differentiate and stand out becomes an essential feature. Buying a home service or product online is the easy part. Finding the best craftsmen, engage and putting it all together in a simple but valuable package is much more difficult. In Acciva’s private marketplace, service providers can engage in e-commerce by offering services to potential customers, who can quote the price of the services provided, online.

What is refreshingly different about Acciva is:

“It’s job generation and not leads generation. That means it’s more of an instant response by the client, a new way to do business & home services, wherein technology is playing a vital role.”

India is at the cusp of a digital revolution. Internet has become an integral part of the growing urban Indian population. The trend of e-Commerce has caught up pace now, since the appropriate ecosystem has started to fall in place. The e-Commerce market in India has enjoyed phenomenal growth, the key factors being considerable rise in the number of internet users; growing acceptability of online payments, proliferation of internet-enabled devices and favourable demographics. It has been a common complaint that it is impossible to find a skilled service provider Interior Designer, Architect, Engineer, beautician or Education Trainers who is reliable and can do a good job. This set us thinking that if we have the necessary database and the requisite technology we would be able to provide an e-platform liaising with the service provider and the service seeker.

Thus was born Acciva E-Commerce Ventures Pvt. Ltd. in June 2015. Head quartered in Chennai, Acciva aims to become a significant player in the fast growing Indian ecommerce market space tapping into the opportunity “Digital India”, Make in India” & “Skill India” initiatives launched by the Government of India. Acciva brings refreshingly unique business model in B2C & B2B segment mainly focused on service sector with an aim to connect multitude of organized & unorganized sector into the digital platform to streamline their operations and also create online business opportunities for the individual entrepreneurs and aspirants. It is our commitment to bring professionalism, good service and trust to the business and home services with repair service. As part of planned business roll-out, Acciva initially launched – a unique web portal providing comprehensive access to platform of skilled service providers to households and businesses.

With a sole focus on the ecommerce, Acciva combines a technically robust and functionally rich software application suite and strong business process skills, backed by a focus on customer support. These solutions are highly configurable to support B2C and B2B business channels. Acciva has a strong business process understanding, mature and robust applications, agility, and a passion for customer service. In response to increasingly complex e-commerce requirements, Acciva now provides an electronic platform where a variety of services are made available that enable people to employ such services and engage with the skilled personnel. Ecommerce of household services help customers to leverage the full potential of online selling. Building on extensive industry knowledge, Acciva has developed and implemented solutions that are tailored to your needs and that allows one to find a solution of day to day needs, either in a domestic environment or a corporate set up. In other words, Acciva is your ideal partner for every aspect of e-commerce—in many domains like trade services,home services, education, jobs, retail, to name a few.